Happy New Year or something

Hello, it’s 2018. Is the 15th of January too late to say Happy New Year? I don’t care.

Remember when we went to the UK Games Expo back in June 2017 and got all excited and started this website to talk about the card game we’re working on and all the other games we are playing? Remember when we managed a whopping 3 posts in that very same month of June and then stopped updating? And two of those updates were about Monopoly Deal, of all things? No we don’t  remember either.  We did get a new pixel logo at some point between then and now, but that’s not really enough is it? You all want content. Delicious content.

Well it’s 2018 now and it’s time to change that. So here is something I guess you could call a manifesto of sorts for 2018.

There will be at least one post a week

Whoa slow down there, how will we cope? Well before I start making excuses about having a day job, this is probably a realistic goal. Looking at the games shelf, there are at least 21 games to play and talk about. That’s 21 weeks, taking us into June! What an anniversary!

Plus, as most Kickstarters we backed seemed to have missed their November/December delivery dates and ruined Christmas (not really, I cooked dinner and then drank a lot of port and it was good), there are plenty more games on the way. Also, there should be some other stuff – push your eyes further down the page to see more below.


Oh yeah that’s right we are kind of making a wrestling card game. The plan for 2018 is to really plough ahead with this and get something on Kickstarter or out in the wild via other means by the end of 2018. There will be a development diary on the site to give you a look at what we’re doing and sharing any lessons we learn along the way. Keep your eyes peeled, because the next update will be a status report and a bit of history on what we have done so far. And maybe some exciting news! Or maybe not.

X-Wing Miniatures Game

I cannot stress how much I love a bit of X-Wing. Even though my Scum fleet has taken a lot more losses than wins, I still love it. It’s brilliant. We are trying to play at least once a week – in London’s Dark Sphere – so expect some of that to creep into the site. What I would love to do, because I am a massive virgin, is write some White Dwarf style battle reports with diagrams of everything that happened, but we’ll carrying on playing for fun for a while before I subject people, players and readers, to that.

Also look at my X-Wing case. I don’t care what I look like carrying a case of little spaceships on the tube, it contains absolutely everything I need for a game. Glorious.

Streaming Blood Bowl 2

I also love Blood Bowl, and Blood Bowl 2 on Xbox (or PlayStation or PC if you’re that way inclined) is the perfect way to play solo, which I do a lot. And in another feat of extreme nerdiness, I want to set up a team and record their progress like they are a real sports team. What? Shut up I think it sounds cool. And I can stream their matches, which last around 45 – 60 mins, for your viewing pleasure. Imagine that, following a virtual team in a videogame based on a Games Workshop boardgame. Also, imagine kissing a girl!

Anyway, if you like the sound of that, keep an eye out. I have set up the Slice n Dicers team and they are ready to play their first game, but it might not be until February because I’m supposed to be moving house this month and if I waste time streaming Blood Bowl instead of packing and sorting things out, I’m going to get in trouble.

Social Media and All That

If you want to see more frequent photos, updates and musings, keep an eye on our social media links. There are the current links that have been around for a while:

Musclemania also has it’s own Twitter, which will talk about the game but also some wrestling related nonsense:

There is also a new Facebook page, because some people still use Facebook, right? It’s still being set up properly and probably won’t be used as much as Twitter, but feel free to give it a pity Like. We all want numbers after all. Precious numbers…

Finally, because people like to watch other people doing things rather than doing it themselves nowadays for some reason, you can watch us play games! As well as the Blood Bowl stuff mentioned above, there is a whole host of turn based games I have downloaded and not played yet on my Xbox, many of them Games Workshop games as I try to relive my youth without a wardrobe full of unpainted miniatures. But there is a problem with Xbox, they have really hampered the Twitch app in order to trick you into using their app, Mixer (although admittedly I quite like Mixer!). Streaming from Mixer will probably come from our personal Xbox accounts, so we’ll share those at a later date once it’s all up and running.

We’ll keep the Twitch account though because there is the possibility of us streaming actual board games in the future, but don’t expect anything for quite a while. To future-proof yourselves, you can follow on Twitch at:

Anyway, that’s all that, please place your bets now on how well all actually goes in 2018. Come back later in the week for the MuscleMania update. BYEEEEEEEEEEEE!




P.S. There are no prizes for pointing out that the die in the 2018 logo on the front page is innacurate. It was the only way I could get it to display 8, so cool your jets. I’m watching you.

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