Turn Based Twitch: Monopoly Deal

Another blog post about Monopoly Deal? Hey, shut up, this is Turn Based Twitch where we take video game versions of board games, or games inspired by board games and war gaming, and stream them live for your viewing please. Basically anything turn-based – hence the clever name. You can look forward to a lot of Games Workshop games and the like, but as we have already been talking about Monopoly Deal, why not start with that?

And the first thing to mention is that by playing a video game version where the rules are rules and you can’t be broken, it turns out that for a few years my family have been playing Monopoly Deal wrong! And I find this out after writing gushing piece about how one of the joys of Monopoly Deal is that is easy to learn and you don’t get all that messing about with people having variations on the rules. For shame!

Anyway, if you like watching other people play video games (I think it’s  a thing for people under 30), you can follow us on Twitch with the following link:


And here is the original stream in case you missed it live, but you still fancy watching me play a couple of games. I’m sorry that I can’t last 30 minutes without swearing. Or even 5 minutes, it seems.


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